Learn how to use proof by induction by following this example

All Mathematical theorems, formulas and rules have to be proven to be true. Mathematical proofs – demonstrations that a rule or theorem is true – can be straight-forward or mind-blowingly complex. There are different proof techniques with proof by induction being one of these. This method is particularly useful because it allows us to demonstrate that a result is true for infinitely many cases. The process may seem odd at first but, with practice, you’ll soon see the power of this technique. Any questions about this video drop us a message¬†HERE.

Key Points

Proof by Induction is a method for showing that a Mathematical result is true

It is most useful when you have a large number of cases to prove the result for

Proof by Induction requires a ‘basic’ step and an ‘inductive’ step

The basic step proves the result for the first case

The inductive step says that if true for n = k it has to be true for n = k+1

How you perform the inductive step depends on the type of result you are trying to prove

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