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Hi, I’m Gary. I’m a Maths tutor in Elgin providing services for students taking National 5 Maths, Higher Maths and Advanced Higher Maths. I will consider students taking other courses on a case-by-case basis.

My Approach

Each student has their own individual needs so I don’t believe a prescriptive approach to tuition is effective. Some students need a lot of support in understanding topics and techniques, others need reassurance that they’re on the right track, while others need help preparing for assessments, prelims and final exams. I’m experienced in working with students in all situations and work to reduce their anxiety, boost their confidence and sharpen their skills. My sessions are conducted in a relaxed and supportive manner and I strive to provide an environment which is conducive to effective tuition whilst being pleasant for the student to be in.

Maths Tutor

What’s Included?

Most students will receive one hour of tuition every second week at my office in Elgin. However, we will discuss individual needs and may choose to increase this to weekly sessions. In addition to the 1-1 sessions students will also have access to my online platform. In there they’ll will find instructional videos, practice questions, course notes and a range of exam prep materials such as past exam papers, full written and video solutions, exam questions by topic and more – note that this is only available for National 5 Maths and Higher Maths. I welcome students to get in touch between sessions if they need support or have questions. I’d rather they reach out than worry about something until we next meet. All students will receive a monthly progress report. In the event that a student is not progressing towards their goal an intervention will be recommended to get them back on track.


My rates are £40 per hour for National 5 & Higher Maths and £45 per hour for Advanced Higher. Prices for students taking any other course will be determined on a case by case basis but will be no less than £40 per hour. All new students are subject to a £50 sign on fee which gaurantees their slot for the year. New students will be placed on a one month probationary period. Read my full Terms & Conditions.

Revision Courses

To support students who I’m not able to work with 1-1 I offer group revision sessions in National 5 & Higher Maths for the prelims and final exams. Learn more about my REVISION COURSES.

Online Maths Courses

Comprehensive online courses in National 5 Maths and Higher Maths. Step by step instructional videos for the entire course, quick practice question worksheets, full practice question worksheets, reference notes and a range of assessment and final exam prep materials. These include exam papers, step by step written exam solutions, exam video solutions, exam questions by topic, practice exam papers and formula sheets. For FREE National 5 & Higher Maths resources check out my YouTube Channel.

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