Calculus 1

In the Calculus 1 online course students learn the foundational ideas of differential Calculus, and move onto mastering core and advanced differentiation techniques. This is a large and challenging course which introduces new types of Math, central to solving many real-world problems. Check out the classroom with this FREE PREVIEW.

Who is the Calculus 1 Course For?

Calculus 1 is the perfect course for students taking their first steps into Differential Calculus. Students taking Calculus 1 should have some experience with functions, ideally having completed a course in Pre-Calculus. View the CLASSROOM.

What is Taught in Calculus 1?

Limits & Continuity, The Derivative, Differentiation Techniques, The Chain Rule & Advanced Techniques, Applications of Derivatives. View the full CURRICULUM.

What Will I Take Away From This Course?

By taking Calculus 1 students will master core and advanced differentiation techniques and common applications of these.

How Does Calculus 1 Compare to Calculus 2?

Calculus comes in two flavours. Calculus 1 focuses on Differential Calculus and Calculus 2 focuses on Integral Calculus. These are opposite operations and used to solve different types of Mathematical and real-world problems.

What is the Progression From Calculus 1?

Students who have completed Calculus 1 would be in a strong position to progress to Calculus 2 or Differential Equations.

Core Calculus & Beyond Course Bundle

Access all 6 courses in the Core Calculus & Beyond bundle to easily review older topics or jump ahead when ready.

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