The Pre-Algebra online course focuses on numeracy & numerical concepts – foundation skills to progress to Algebra. Getting confident with numbers and number techniques is an important skill not only in Math class, but also for life, so we place a lot of importance on this course. Check out the classroom with this FREE PREVIEW.

Who is the Pre-Algebra Course For?

The Pre-Algebra course gives students important numerical skills for daily life and as a foundation for all future Math courses. View the CLASSROOM.

What is Taught in Pre-Algebra?

Numbers & Negative Numbers, Factors & Multiples, Fractions, Mixed Numbers, Decimals, Ratio & Proportion, Exponents & Radicals, Scientific notation. View the full CURRICULUM.

What Will I Take Away From This Course?

Students will develop core numeracy skills which can be applied to solving a range of Math problems now and in the future.

How Does Pre-Algebra Compare to Algebra 1?

Pre-Algebra focuses on important numerical skills which students should have in place before moving onto Algebra 1. Algebra 1 supports students taking their first steps into Algebra.

What is the Progression From Pre-Algebra?

Pre-Algebra is an important foundation for all future Math courses, but the next direct step is likely to be Algebra 1.

Algebra to Pre-Calculus Course Bundle

Access all 6 courses in the Algebra to Pre-Calculus bundle to easily review older topics or jump ahead when ready.

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