Complex numbers online Math course

Complex Numbers

The Complex Numbers online course helps you understand the fundamentals of complex numbers and then answer a range of common question types. Although complex numbers seem abstract they have many real-world applications in Math, science and engineering. View our classroom with this PREVIEW or learn more below and start your FREE one week TRIAL.

Who is the Complex Numbers Online Course For?

Complex Numbers can be taken as a stand-alone course but may be of particular interest to students who wish to pursue Math, science or engineering. Pre-Calculus and Calculus Math students may also benefit from studying complex numbers to broaden their skill-set. View the CLASSROOM.

What is Taught in the Complex Numbers Online Course?

Imaginary & Complex Numbers, Operations with Complex Numbers, Roots of Quadratic Equations, Argand Diagrams, Modulus-Argument Form, Exponential Form, De Moivre’s Theorem, Nth Roots of Complex Numbers. Students can take Complex Numbers with no prior experience but should have at least basic algebra and trigonometry skill. This course would also be useful to students looking to refresh their knowledge of complex numbers and practice common techniques. View the full SYLLABUS.

What Will I Learn in This Course?

The Complex Numbers online course teaches students the fundamentals of imaginary and complex numbers before going on to look at common question types and applications. Becoming skilled with complex numbers allows students to answer a wider range of problem types – for example to solve quadratic equations which have imaginary solutions.

How Does Complex Numbers Compare to Calculus?

Complex numbers and Calculus do not appear to have much cross-over initially. However, as students take on more advanced Calculus courses, they will require some background in complex numbers. Learn more about CALCULUS 1 and CALCULUS 2.

What’s Next?

Students pursuing Math further should develop skills with complex numbers. But complex numbers are used in many disciplines such as science and engineering, so students pursuing careers in these areas should gain some experience with complex numbers.

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