Differential equations online Math course

Differential Equations

in a Day

Take this course to learn differential equations key techniques and transform your skills and confidence in just one day. Differential Equations are the equations of change and used to solve real-world problems in science, engineering and technology. Take this course and you will solve differential equations in a day! View our classroom with this PREVIEW.

Who is the Differential Equations in a Day Course For?

This course is perfect for students who need to learn differential equations techniques quickly. This could be new students preparing for an assessment or experienced students looking to review key techniques and practice. View the CLASSROOM.

What is Taught in Differential Equations in a Day?

Separable Differential Equations, First Order Differential Equations, Second Order Homogeneous Differential Equations, Second Order Non-Homogeneous Differential Equations, Laplace Transforms, Methods of Laplace Transforms. Students learn or review key techniques from our step by step videos and practice using our question worksheets. View the full SYLLABUS.

What Will I Take Away From This Course?

Firstly, you will learn to categorise differential equations into the different types. Next you will develop skills to solve these when they are presented in different ways. Students feel confident and empowered in Math class and on assessments.

What is the Pre-requisite for this Course?

Differential Equations are generally solved with Calculus techniques so having experience in both Differential & Integral Calculus is important for tackling Differential Equations. Learn to DIFFERENTIATE IN A DAY and to INTEGRATE IN A DAY.

What’s Next?

Students completing this course will be able to solve differential equations in various settings. Differential equations are particularly used in science, technology and engineering.