Course Bundles

Our online Math course bundles give students access to six related courses in one subscription. Bundles mean you can learn Math online effectively by reviewing key topics and techniques, or jumping forward when ready. Furthermore, our bundles connect with ‘ALGEBRA to PRE-CALCULUS‘ developing a range of core skills while preparing you for the courses in ‘CORE CALCULUS & BEYOND‘. Learn more and start your FREE one week trial.

Algebra to Pre-Calculus

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This program supports students on the journey from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus. Students will master core skills such as algebraic operations, trigonometry and solving equations – culminating in prepping for Calculus by starting the study of functions.

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Algebra 1

Solving Equations



Algebra 2

Core Calculus & Beyond

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This program is focused on the study of functions through Calculus 1 & Calculus 2 but also provides support for more abstract content in Complex Numbers & Linear Algebra. Perfect for students moving from Pre-Calculus into Calculus.

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Trigonometric Equations

Calculus 1

Calculus 2

Differential Equations

Complex Numbers

Linear Algebra

What’s Included in the Course Bundles?

Each bundle subscription gives you unlimited access to six online courses. There are more than 300 step-by-step instructional videos in each bundle and more than 1,700 practice questions with full solutions. Furthermore, you can reach out to your instructor at any time and bundles, like individual courses, can be subscribed to monthly, half-yearly or yearly.

Do I Need a Course Bundle or a Course?

Every student has unique needs so we offer flexible ways to learn Math online through our courses and course bundles, and several subscription periods. Course bundles offer more content and practice questions than courses alone, which is great for reviewing techniques. For example, let’s say you’re taking precalculus but you realise your algebra is somewhat shaky. Then, rather than scrambling around to find those techniques you can easily review using Algebra 1 or Algebra 2.

Can I Really Learn Math Online?

Certainly – we’ve seen many students successfully learn Math online. We would never claim to make Math easy, but our step by step instruction will grow your skills and confidence one class, topic, course and bundle at a time. We teach one technique or concept per class so students get clear instruction and only learn new techniques once they’re ready.