Calculus 2 online Math course

Higher Maths

The Higher Maths online course is the ideal study tool for all Higher Maths students. If you’re falling behind in class, don’t understand a topic, or need help prepping for final exams, we’ve got you covered with 85 step by step instructional videos, 500 practice questions with full solutions and comprehensive reference notes. View our classroom with this PREVIEW or learn more below and start your FREE one week Higher Maths TRIAL.

The Higher Maths online course builds upon algebra skills developed at National 5. The course focuses on functions and particularly Differential & Integral Calculus. There are also other challenging topics including Trigonometry, Vectors and Exponentials & Logarithms. View our classroom with this PREVIEW.

Who is the Higher Maths Online Course For?

Higher Maths is a common requirements for anyone following a career in science, technology or engineering, and for students pursuing technical higher education courses. Students taking Higher Maths should already have completed National 5 Maths, ideally passing with an A or B grade. View the CLASSROOM.

What is Taught in the Higher Maths Online Course?

Exponentials & Logarithms, Trigonometry, Functions, Vectors, Polynomials, Trigonometric Equations, Differentiation, Integration, Straight Lines, Circles, Recurrence Relations. You can use this course to support classroom work, as a replacement for a classroom and to prepare for final exams. View the full SYLLABUS.

What Will I Learn in This Course?

Higher Maths has a strong focus on Mathematical functions and particularly on key Calculus techniques. These are used in many disciplines such as engineering, science and finance. Higher Maths, certainly the Calculus topics, provide a solid foundation for students taking Advanced Higher. Download FREE Higher Maths course notes HERE and a formula sheet HERE.

How Does Higher Maths Compare to National 5 Maths?

National 5 Maths has a diverse curriculum with a focus on developing key algebra skills. However, Higher Maths assumes those algebra skills are in place and focuses instead on more advanced skills such as Trigonometry, Functions and Calculus. Learn more about National 5 Maths HERE.

What’s Next?

Students who have completed Higher Maths certainly have great fundamental skills for following onto Advanced Higher Maths. Otherwise, they have the entry criteria for a range of technical higher education courses and careers.