Trigonometric equations online Math course

Trigonometric Equations

in a Day

Take this course to quickly master key techniques for solving trigonometric equations. Trigonometric equations come in many shapes and sizes. Students build core skills to understand and tackle all trigonometric equations. Take this course and you will be solving trigonometric equations in just one day! View our classroom with this PREVIEW.

Who is the Trigonometric Equations in a Day Course For?

This course is ideal for students who need to learn to solve trigonometric equations quickly. New students can use this course to support classroom work or prepare for a test or assignment. It is also a great choice for experienced students looking to review and practice key Trigonometric equation solving techniques. View the CLASSROOM.

What is Taught in Trigonometric Equations in a Day?

Trigonometric Functions & Radians, Exact Values & The CAST Diagram, Basic Trigonometric Equations, Trigonometric Equations with Identities, Trigonometric Equations with Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions. Students learn integration key techniques from our step by step videos and practice using our carefully designed question worksheets. View the full SYLLABUS.

What Will I Take Away From This Course?

Students will learn to categorise and solve a range of types of trigonometric equation, presented in different formats. Students feel confident and empowered in Math class and on assessments.

What is the Pre-requisite for this Course?

Students should ideally have experience of the trigonometric functions, Sine, Cosine and Tangent. However, it would be possible to take this course without. Basic algebra and general equation solving experience would also be useful pre-requisities.

What’s Next?

Trigonometric Equations are used in many technical disciplines such as science, technology and engineering, and in many advanced Math courses. Therefore, having these skills in place is a great foundation for following these paths.