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National 5 Maths

The National 5 Maths online course is the perfect study tool for all National 5 Maths students. Are you falling behind in class, don’t understand a topic, or need help prepping for final exams? We’ve got you covered with 85 step by step instructional videos, 500 practice questions with full solutions and comprehensive reference notes. View our classroom with this PREVIEW or learn more and start your FREE one week TRIAL.

National 5 Maths covers a lot of ground and is unquestionably when Maths gets ‘Mathematical’, with formal processes and solutions. The course covers a variety of topics from algebra to geometry, numeracy to statistics, which certainly makes learning and recalling the techniques challenging! View our classroom with this PREVIEW.

Who is the National 5 Maths Online Course For?

National 5 Maths is the standard certification that many employers and further education providers are looking for as evidence of numerical and Mathematical competency. Students pursuing National 5 Maths should certainly have completed National 4 Maths or National 5 Applications of Maths. View the CLASSROOM.

What is Taught in the National 5 Maths Online Course?

Working with Numbers, Algebraic Operations, Geometry & Shape Properties, Straight Line Graphs, Equations, Quadratic Functions & Equations, Pythagoras & Trigonometry, Vectors, Statistics, Fractions & Percentages. You can use this course to support classroom work, as a replacement for a classroom and to prepare for final exams. View the full SYLLABUS.

What Will I Learn in This Course?

National 5 Maths teaches a range of skills including algebra, geometry, functions, numeracy and statistics. The main focus is on developing core algebra techniques. Firstly, you learn these from our step by step instructional videos, then you practice using our specifically designed worksheets. These skills are important for success in any subsequent Maths course, such as Higher Maths. Download FREE National 5 Maths course notes HERE and formula sheet HERE

How Does National 5 Maths Compare to Higher Maths?

National 5 Maths develops important algebra skills whereas Higher Maths assumes these skills are already in place. Higher Maths focuses chiefly on functions, trigonometry and, particularly, calculus. Learn more about the Higher Maths online course HERE.

What’s Next?

Students completing National 5 Maths will have developed excellent skills for then taking on Higher Maths. Otherwise, they have general Mathematical and numeracy skills to use in daily life or to subsequently bring to the workplace or higher education.