Learn how to use The Power Rule for Differentiation with functions which are not in the correct format 

The Power Rule for Differentiation is the first technique that most students learn in Calculus. Generally they take to this rule with no problems. However, when presented with functions which are in different formats to what they’ve seen before (so-called non-differentiable forms) they feel far more challenged. In fact, many functions are presented in these non-differentiable forms to test students. Any student learning the power rule can be sure to see non-differentiable forms so it’s important to get comfortable with them. Any questions about this video drop us a message HERE.

  Key Points

The power rule is for differentiating polynomial style functions

If a function is not in the correct format you cannot use the power rule

it may be possible to manipulate it into the correct format using exponent rules

To master the power rule start by reviewing exponent rules

Try as many different variations of functions as possible to perfect the power rule

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