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Algebra 2

The Algebra 2 online course helps you master advanced algebra techniques through step by step instructional videos and practice question worksheets. Students completing Algebra 2 have a vastly increased skill-set and can therefore tackle more sophisticated problems. Students also learn new topics such as imaginary numbers, series and binomial expansions which are subsequently key in more advanced Math courses. View our classroom with this PREVIEW or learn more below and start your FREE one week Algebra 2 TRIAL.

Who is the Algebra 2 Online Course For?

Algebra 2 is especially ideal for students who already have some algebra experience and wish to further those skills by learning more advanced techniques. Algebra 2 gives students skills which will subsequently be useful for all future Math courses that they take. Students taking Algebra 2 should have completed Algebra 1, or a similar course, first. View the CLASSROOM.

What is Taught in the Algebra 2 Online Course?

Polynomial Functions & Graphs, Complex Numbers, Rational Exponents, Logarithms, Graph Transformations, Equations, The Binomial Expansion, Trigonometry, Series. Use this course to learn these topics or likewise refresh your knowledge if you’re preparing for an assessment. Our videos are on-demand so we’re there to support you whenever you need it. View the full Algebra 2 online course SYLLABUS.

What Will I Learn in This Course?

Algebra 2 helps students deepen their algebra skills and prepare for Pre-Calculus and Calculus by introducing functions. Firstly students emerge from Algebra 2 feeling more confident in their algebra skills and are then ready to tackle more challenging problems. Students learn key techniques and common questions from our step by step instructional videos and then practice using our carefully designed worksheets. Download FREE ALGEBRA 2 QUESTION WORKSHEETS.

How Does Algebra 2 Compare to Algebra 1?

Algebra 2 assumes students have significant algebra experience and focuses on functions, advanced algebra techniques and also introduces some completely new topics. The Algebra 1 online course is ideal for students taking their first steps into Algebra. Algebra 1 therefore assumes no prior experience using algebra. Learn more about ALGEBRA 1.

What’s Next?

On completing Algebra 2 students can then apply apply advanced algebra skills to solve a range of problems in various settings. Algebra 2 also helps students get ready for PRE-CALCULUS and to subsequently progress to CALCULUS.

Algebra to Pre-Calculus Course Bundle

Access all 6 courses in the Algebra to Pre-Calculus bundle to easily review older topics or jump ahead when ready.

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