Learn Key Skills in a Day!

Learn Math in ONE day! It can be difficult to be on top of your studies all of the time. There are many reasons why you might need to catch up: missing an important class, a time-consuming assignment, finding a topic particularly challenging, you need to review for a test, or just one too many party’s! These courses can quickly transform your skills and confidence, and help you ace your next assessment.

Differentiate in a Day

What You’ll Learn:

The Power, Product & Quotient Rules

The Chain Rule & Advanced Techniques

Differentiation Logarithmic & Exponential Functions

Key Applications of Derivatives

Integrate in a Day

What You’ll Learn:

The Power Rule & Integration by Parts

The Reverse Chain Rule & Improper Integrals

Indefinite & Definite Integrals

Key Applications of Derivatives

Equations in a Day

What You’ll Learn:

Key Algebra Techniques for Equations

Linear Equations & Inequations

Systems of Equations

Quadratic & Polynomial Equations

Trig Equations in a Day

What You’ll Learn:

Trigonometric Functions & Radians

Exact Values & The CAST Method

Basic Trig Equations & Using Identities

Equations Using the Reciprocal Functions

Can I Really Learn Math in One Day?

A lot of Math is built around a handful of key techniques. Once mastered, these are henceforth used to solve a range of common question types. In our one-day courses, students learn these techniques from our step by step instructional videos and then practice using our carefully designed question worksheets. Hence, skills and confidence grow quickly.

Who Are These Courses For?

These courses fulfil a range of scenarios where you might need to learn Math in one day. Examples include prepping for a test, helping with an assignment or quickly reviewing key techniques and common applications. However, although we call them one-day courses, you can continue using them whenever you need support.

What’s Included in These Courses?

Each course provides ongoing access to our library of instructional videos and practice question worksheets. Furthermore, you can reach out to the instructor at any time for support. One day courses are subject to a one-off fee and offer lifetime access.

What Will I Learn?

We offer one day courses in Solving Equations, Trigonometric Equations, Differentiation, Integration, and Differential Equations. Each specifically focuses on the most important techniques and common question types. Students requiring deeper support in these topics should consider subscribing to a full course. Learn more about our ONLINE COURSES.