The Product Rule – learn how to differentiate a product of functions

Calculus techniques can be applied to answer a range of Mathematical and real-world problems. In fact, almost anything that’s engineered today uses Calculus in its modelling. You could say that Calculus has shaped the modern world. But before Calculus can be applied, you have to learn and practice the rules. The most common rules in Differential Calculus are the Power Rule, Product Rule, Quotient Rule and the Chain Rule. In this video I explain when and how to use The Product Rule. Any questions about this video drop us a message HERE.

Key Points

The Product Rule is for differentiating a product of functions

A product of functions is simply two functions multiplied together

Sometimes you can use indices rules and then the power rule, rather than the product rule

The product rule can be written several ways – choose the one you can remember

Essentially the rule says ‘the 1st x derivative of the 2nd + 2nd x derivative of the first’

Learn the rule and practice applying it in different scenarios

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