Linear algebra online Math course

Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra is an advanced course based around Vectors and Matrices. Although students may have some experience of these already, Linear Algebra considers more abstract concepts such as extending techniques from familiar 3 dimensional space to n dimensions. Linear algebra stretches your imagination and practices forming logical arguments.

* We’re putting the finishing touches to this course but enrollment will open soon. You can still enrol in the Core Calculus & Beyond course bundle and Linear Algebra will be automatically added to the bundle once it’s ready *

Who is the Linear Algebra Online Course For?

The Linear Algebra online course teaches a range of techniques which can subsequently be applied in Science, Mathematical Modelling and other advanced Math courses. Students can certainly take this course with no prior matrix experience but should have basic algebra.

What is Taught in the Linear Algebra Online Course?

Operations on one matrix, operations on two matrices, matrices as vectors, dot product and cross product, matrix-vector products, transformations, inverses, determinants, transposes, orthogonality and change of basis, orthogonal bases and Gram-Schmidt, eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Use this course to learn these topics for the first time or, for experienced students, to review and practice key techniques. View the full SYLLABUS.

What Will I Take Away From This Course?

Firstly, students develop core skills and techniques with matrices and vectors. Secondly, these are applied to solve a variety of Math problems, particularly systems of linear equations and questions about general n-dimensional space. Subsequently these can be applied to solve real-world problems.

How Does Linear Algebra Compare to Calculus?

Linear Algebra and Calculus are certainly different disciplines using very different types of Mathematics. But equally they are both large and important fields used to solve a range of real-world problems.

What’s Next?

The skills developed in the Linear Algebra online course are particularly useful for students taking advanced Math courses. However, they are also relevant to some college courses and certain workplace settings.

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