Linear Algebra

Linear Algebra is an advanced course which is based around vectors and matrices. Although students may have some experience of these already, Linear Algebra considers more abstract concepts such as extending techniques from 2 and 3 dimensional space to n dimensions. Linear algebra is a great opportunity for students to stretch their imagination and to practice forming logical arguments, especially when solving problems which are difficult to visualise in the usual manner.

At My Maths Guy we believe in taking students on a learning transformation. So, we’ve bundled this course with others we think may be useful at some point in your Core Calculus & Beyond journey.

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Trig Equations

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Calculus 1

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Calculus 2

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Differential Equations

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Complex Numbers

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Linear Algebra

What You’ll Learn

Matrix Operations

Dot Products & Cross Products

Matrix-Vector Products





Orthogonality & Change of Basis

Orthonormal Bases

Eigenvalues & Eigenvectors

Sample Videos

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