Trigonometry equals triangles, right? Well sometimes, but Trigonometry has many aspects and reaches into almost all Math courses, often leaving the connection with triangles behind. Trigonometry is a core skill for many techniques so getting a good understand early makes things much easier for you in the future. New concepts, such as angles measured in radians, are explored in this online course along with a strong focus on core skills.

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We believe in taking students on a learning transformation. So, we’ve bundled this course with others that will be useful in your Algebra to Pre-Calculus journey.

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Algebra 1

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Solving Equations

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Algebra 2

What You’ll Learn

Pythagoras’ Theorem

Trigonometry with Right-Angled Triangles

Trigonometric Functions & Graphs

Graphs of Transformed Trigonometric Functions

Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometry with General Triangles

Radians & Exact Values

Trigonometric Identities

Basic Trigonometric Equations

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