Trigonometric Equations

Trigonometric equations come in many shapes and sizes. In this online course we start by building the core skills that are required to understand and tackle all Trigonometric equations – the trig functions, their graphs, angles measured in radians, exact values – and once those are in place move onto the equations themselves. We find this to be a winning formula which quickly builds skills and confidence.

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We believe in taking students on a learning transformation. So, we’ve bundled this course with others that will be useful in your Core Calculus & Beyond journey.

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Trig Equations

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Calculus 1

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Calculus 2

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Differential Equations

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Complex Numbers

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Linear Algebra

What You’ll Learn


Trigonometric Functions

Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions

Hyperbolic Functions

The CAST diagram

Trigonometric Exact Values

Trigonometric Equations with Identities

Equations with Reciprocal Functions

Equations with Hyperbolic Functions

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