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 We all remember how tough Math class can be – kids tune out for a moment and they’ve missed vital core learning. Confidence starts to ebb, and the learning gap widens. Frustration, fear and demotivation can erode years of careful study. Math anxiety is real: maybe it’s happening to your child, or perhaps the time-poor teacher can’t possibly build their confidence and support them to meet their full potential. Our courses offer anytime access to help students prep for homework, tests and final exams. With practice questions and step-by-step solutions, relevant to current course material, and direct instructional support, we provide a tailored system to guide and support leaners through their High School Math journey. And for parents, a structured overview of learning and progress monitoring to ensure your kids keep on track.

Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus

I'm a Parent

This program provides multi-year support as students go on the journey from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus, confidently mastering core skills such as algebraic operations, trigonometry and equation solving along the way – culminating in prepping for Calculus by starting the study of functions.

Course List


Algebra 1

Solving Equations



Algebra 2

Core Calculus & Beyond

I'm a Parent

This program is largely focused on the study of functions through Calculus 1 & Calculus 2 but also provides support for more abstract context in Complex Numbers & Linear Algebra. This program is designed to support students who have completed Pre-Calculus and are working with more advanced techniques.

Course List

Trigonometric Equations

Calculus 1

Calculus 2

Differential Equations

Complex Numbers

Linear Algebra

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