At My Maths Guy we believe in taking students on a learning journey. We don’t just teach the Math learners need now, we build skills essential for the future. We’ve bundled our courses into programs so you can jump ahead if ready and easily review older material. Your Math journey isn’t just about building skills, it’s about resilience, challenge and mindset. We’re honest when things are difficult and would never suggest that we can make Math easy. But we’re with you all the way and will help grow your skills and confidence one step at a time. Our programs are made to connect, with ‘Algebra to Pre-Calculus’ developing a range of skills while preparing you for the courses in the ‘Core Calculus & Beyond’ program.

Algebra to Pre-Calculus

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This program provides multi-year support as students go on the journey from Pre-Algebra to Pre-Calculus, confidently mastering core skills such as algebraic operations, trigonometry and equation solving along the way – culminating in prepping for Calculus by starting the study of functions.

Course List


Algebra 1

Solving Equations



Algebra 2

Core Calculus & Beyond

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This program is focused on the study of functions through Calculus 1 & Calculus 2 but also provides support for more abstract context in Complex Numbers & Linear Algebra. This program supports students who have completed Pre-Calculus and are working with more advanced techniques.

Course List

Trigonometric Equations

Calculus 1

Calculus 2

Differential Equations

Complex Numbers

Linear Algebra

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