Learn how to evaluate integrals where the integrand is a product of functions

Integration by parts is a hugely helpful technique which greatly extends the number of functions that can be integrated. Like the product rule for differentiation, it allows us to integrate functions which are the product (i.e. multiple) of two other functions. The technique seems quirky at first and does take some practice. However, it’s a common integration technique and likely to appear on assessments for Calculus students. In this video I explain the theory behind this technique and work typical examples. Any questions about this video drop us a message¬†HERE.

Key Points

Integration by Parts is for evaluating integrals written as a product of functions

It is similar to the product rule for derivatives

The key is assigning the correct function as ‘u’ and ‘v’

You may have to repeat the integration by parts as the integral in the first round will also need to be integrated by parts

Integration by parts works for both indefinite and definite integrals

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