Get Good at Math

Let’s get straight to it, you’re here because you need support with Math. We can help! Firstly, we teach you the key skills. Secondly, you practice what you’ve learnt. Thirdly, your confidence grows and you feel good about Math. We offer a range of courses to build skills and confidence quickly. Our courses provide structure, a comprehensive set of step by step instructional videos and practice worksheets with full solutions. Having a My Maths Guy subscription is like having your own personal tutor, 24/7 – perfect if you miss a class and need to catch up, didn’t understand something in class or are prepping for a test. Scroll to learn more and start your one week FREE trial.


I'm a Parent
  • A thoughtful and supportive approach to build confidence and reduce Math anxiety
  • A program that fills gaps in learning with on-demand instruction 
  • A range of relevant practice questions with full step by step solutions
  • A parent-friendly structure for easy monitoring and goal-setting

High School Student

I'm a High School Student
  • A step-by-step approach to build skills and grow your confidence
  • No more feeling frustrated that you missed the point in class
  • Practice worksheets help confirm key skills and consolidate knowledge
  • Anytime access to review concepts and prepare for tests and exams

University Student

I'm a University Student
  • Support the Math requirement relevant to your major
  • Tackle unfamiliar concepts and complex problems
  • Frequent, relevant and challenging practice questions with step-by-step solutions
  • A program designed to move at your own pace

Online Math Courses

Our online Math courses are structured based on long experience of common sticking points among our students. Our courses teach one primary skill per class and quickly build skills and confidence. You’ll learn,  practice and move forward when ready. Soon you’ve mastered an entire course and may actually look forward to your next assessment!

Online Math Course Bundles

We want to take students on a learning journey. We’ve grouped our related courses into bundles so you can quickly review old topics or easily jump ahead if ready. Additionally, our programs connect, with ‘Algebra to Pre-Calculus’ developing a range of key skills while preparing you for the courses in ‘Core Calculus & Beyond’ program.

Learn in a Day

There are many reasons why it’s difficult to be on top of your studies all of the time. We’ve designed these courses to help you quickly review key techniques, catch up on missed classes and prepare for assessments. Take these courses and you will certainly transform your skills in just one day!