Avoid these common algebra mistakes and stop throwing away marks on homework’s, assessments and exams. Never waste these marks again!

The first thing I check with all of my students is their algebra. No matter how well they understand and can apply theorems, formulas or rules, they must have solid algebra. Algebra is the grammar and puntuation of Math. In English you can’t write a great essay with bad grammar and punctuation, regardless of how good the topic is. In Math, you can’t solve problems without good use of algebra. Some algebra takes time and experience to develop. However, there are common algebra mistakes that I see many times every day. You can avoid making these now and never waste those marks again. Any questions about this video drop us a message HERE.

Key Points

Cancelling in a fraction means dividing the numerator and the denominator by the same value

To square a bracket write the bracket twice and multiply them together

Quadratic equations are solved by factorising and separating into two equations

Don’t confuse quadratic equations with linear equations which use a different technique

When you square a negative the answer should be positive

To square a negative use a bracket and put the squared outside the bracket

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