Algebra 1

The Algebra 1 online course teaches core algebra skills which will stay with you through Pre-Calculus, into Calculus and beyond. Manipulation of algebraic terms lies at the heart of this course and you learn how to solve various types of equations, one of the most important Math skills. Mathematical functions are introduced and you will develop formalised methods and notation which will be required again in the future.

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We believe in taking students on a learning transformation. So, we’ve bundled this course with others that will be useful in your Algebra to Pre-Calculus journey.

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Algebra 1

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Solving Equations

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Algebra 2

What You’ll Learn

Working with Numbers

Exponents & Radicals

Algebraic Expressions

Quadratic Expressions

Algebraic Fractions

Equations & Inequations

Systems of Equations




Quadratic Functions

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