I'm a Parent

About Me

Teaching is a priviledged position and I take the responsibility very seriously. It’s a great feeling to see students raise their skill level, make the grades they want and grow their confidence! I try to be a positive role model for all of my students and to cultivate a growth mindset in them, which they can take to their Math problems and beyond …. but when I’m not in front of the whiteboard or chained to my desk, you might find me here, on a mountain, or snowboarding, hiking, or on my yoga mat. Can’t do equations all the time right!

About My Teaching

My teaching centers on building skills logically. All too often I see students taking on techniques, classes, or even entire courses they’re not yet ready for. I help my students build core skills which creates confidence . . . and then I set challenges to show them what they’re really capable of. You could say my approach is based on skill-stacking and confidence stacking! But we also try to have fun, Math is a tough enough without adding more pressure.

I'm a Parent
I'm a Parent

About My Online Teaching

Teaching online gives me the opportunity to reach many students from widely different backgrounds and situations. I feel very grateful and truly honoured when students choose to enrol in one of my online programs. I create my online programs knowing that I can’t be there to personally support my students . . . so I try to focus on the key points, design courses to build skills efficiently and support students with a wide range of practice questions – always with full step-by-step solutions!

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